Weight Loss Coaching

How does Weight Loss Coaching Work?

First is an initial health assessment.  Who are you? And who do you want to be? What are your current eating habits? Current workout program? And what results, if any, have you had in the past?

Based on your answers, we will come up with a tailored meal plan for you to follow over the next few weeks. Pending your commitment to your meal plan, we can then start the next phase of your weight loss journey. 

We will devise a set workout schedule with ongoing consultations and accountability checks.  As long as you stick to the meal plan and the exercise regimen we will keep working until we reach your target weight.

After you have reached your target weight, we will work on finding ways for you to keep the weight off with a combination of nutrition coaching and recommended exercise maintenance.

That’s it. You will now have all the tools needed to take and keep off the weight.

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